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Master and Aprentice/ Traian Filip and Matei Serban

“When Traian died, most of his etching editions ware not yet completed. Due to the rigorous nature of the a la poupee technique, Traian would print only a few etchings at a time, as needed for the exhibitions. Upon his death, an inventory of his etching plates was completed, and the decision was made to complete each edition.

The only person deemed appropriate to complete the printing of Traian’s editions was his lifelong friend and apprentice, Matei Serban Sandu. Matei had assisted Traian in printing his etchings in Bucharest and in New Hope, and Traian had helped him master the a la poupee technique. Most important, however, ware Matei’s years of experience as Traian’s friend and student. Due to a profound understanding of Traian’s aesthetics, Matei was able to complete the editions in a manner of which Traian would have approved.

Matei was living in Bucharest at the time of Traian’s death. He traveled to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he printed the remaining etchings in each of Traian’s editions. He also recorded and signed each impression, canceled each plate after the editions were completed, and helped assemble documentation and certificates of authenticity for each edition.” Source “Traian Alexandru Filip – His Art and Life”, by Tonya Turner Carroll, with an essay by Michael E.S. Carroll,Santa Fe , New Mexico
Traian Filip - "Angel with Flute" 1992

Matei Seban - "Malta" 2008

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