"The Legend of Ana"

"Baba Novac, The Serbian Hayduk"

"Balkan is Hot"

"The Secret in The Garden"


"Michael The Brave"

"Moldavian Witch"


"Singing Birds"


"Endoscopie" (sold)


"Vera" - stolen :)

"Malasuerte" - sold

"Maria Tanase" - sold


"Life Line"


Portrait of Poet"

"Rona Hartner"- sold

"Tattoo Apprentice"

"Teleorman ( The Crazy Forest in Turkish"

Paul Hitter's work is a unique production. Indeed, his work is the result of a whole life combining the most diverse things that sum up perfectly thanks to the passion and the sense the painter puts in it. A childhood in the Romanian eighties, a true sensibility and understading for the Gypsy cause, a genuine love for Balkan music and culture, the pride of Romanian origins, influenced by the ortho...dox icons he studied, folklore, disappointments towards the non-existing values of our modern society... offer a bitter-sweet colourful picturing of our world in his eyes.

Through mainly oil paintings, sometimes drawings, he's illustrating what he calls « Balkan Expressionism »: a mix of naive art, orthodox icons, contemproray art, street art and German expressionism and of course, of his most sincere beliefs.

He had the chance recently to collaborate with the band Traio Romano for a CD cover but also with the very famous Eugene Hütz from the band GOGOL BORDELLO for a poster.

Paul Hitter is the ambassador of the mixed ethnicities found in the Balkans: Hungarian, Austrian, and Romanian. He was born in 1982 in Bucharest under the communist regime. While this period influenced the young generation of Romanians in a way they decided to cut all the bridges with their roots and culture, Paul kept the intensity of these days, changing into a powerful art, full of meanings and... celebrating the Balkanic History and culture.

He went to several art schools where, among others, he achieved a training in religious mural-painting, followed by studies at the Art Academy of München from which he graduated in 2011.

His first personal exhibition was at held at the Muzeul Taranului Roman in 2010, and was entitled « EXIL ». He then went to Italy with it, in Milano, then to France, in Marseille at the occasion of the Latcho Drom Festival, aong others.

Faithful to his unconventional personality and art, Paul also innovated with unconventional vernisages. He appreciates when music and his work meets: being inspired by Balkan cultures and all it can includes, a music band joining his visual art for the time of an evening is a full masterpiece, a travel to the authentic Balkan countries

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