luni, 25 februarie 2013

Americans are Coming to Town !

For the first time since we are in business we decided to bring over a show of an young emerging American artist – Brian Mauleon.
We know that local galleries are more eager to export Romanian art than "import" shows from others but we decided to do it invers, because we have the vision and the power to do it!
It is not an experiment at all, as we worked with Brian before( 2003 – 2005) at Backstreet Gallery in Santa Monica. We are getting his work to Bucharest not only because we like it and we trust his future but more to show to the Romanian young artist a fellow American.  Brian is a graduate of an exquisite art school- San Francisco Art Institute- in 2003 and ever since he is making good art as well as teaching painting to young students. As an artist Brian Mauleon is very articulated. The result of going to a good school is that you can speak clear about your art not only making it. In parallel with his painting, Brian is a great musician composing and performing art for himself and other American musicians. The reason of this show and his visit to Bucharest is simply to inspire Romanian emerging artist and show them how a carrier has to be built. As his show will approach we will post more about his art and activity.
"March of Pigs"

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