luni, 20 iulie 2015

Artxpert presents Serena Luna Raggi

Serena Luna Raggi is a young Italian Artist born in Bologna, Italy. She Graduated the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Her works are inspired from Indian and Persian Miniatures. The artist is using a mixed technique of oil colours, watercolours, acrylic, pastel, usually on paper. Serena is travelling intensely, and, pretty often we will see in her works the treasures she gathered during her expeditions: jewellery, fabrics, symbols, but above all the stories of the people she met.
Passionate about oriental art, Persian miniatures to Indian patterns, Byzantine icons, they all combine smoothly with the image of the ancestral woman, image that we get to see usually in the works of Serena. Another trait of her works is the delicacy while approaching the Roma journey through the continents and throughout history. The colours in her works are bright, delicate, with intricate arabesques.
Serena had exhibitions in Rome, Milan and other Italian cities.
We are proud to invite you at the first exhibition abroad of Serena Luna Raggi, on the 25th of July, starting with 20.00 ,presented by Artxpert Fine Art Concept Store. Artxpert gallery is located in Bucharest, Putul lui Zamfir no 45, Dorobanti area.

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