luni, 9 iunie 2014

Dual Balkan

“Dual Balkan” (a collaboration of a Romanian painter - Paul Hitter and a Serbian photographer – Marina Obradovic) is an artistic endeavor pointing the fact that two artists can work 2000 km apart when they share the same esthetical and philosophical grounds – The Balkan Expressionism.

The two followed, somehow, the same path, but in opposite directions : Marina Obradovic traveled to Romania a while ago taking picture in remote Romanian villages as did Paul going to France to paint characters from southern France. The particularity of this show is that they decided to juxtapose the two “initiatic trips” in an artistic product that reflects the complete freedom of artistic expression without any interference. Marina sent her canvas- printed images to Paul Hitter and gave him full credit to paint over, knowingly that he will do what he does best_ Balkan Expressionism.

The body of work showed in Bucharest at ArtXpert Gallery is part of a constant effort of promoting The Balkan Expressionism Movement. Recently this Movement got the attention of The Romanian Institute for Social Studies of The Romanian Academy and Mirela Boteanu, a doctorate of The University of Bucharest, got a post-doctorate grant to study further this phenomenon.

“Dual Balkan” Paul Hitter and Marina Obradovic will open Saturday June 14th, 2014 at ArtXpert Gallery, 45-47 Putul lui Zamfir St, Bucharest.

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