marți, 24 aprilie 2012

A New Show Eugene Al Pann

Brand-Driven Nation

Since the fall of Iron Curtain we swim in a brand pool. More than in other ex-communist countries, Romanian consumers are exposed to brand and expressed an appetite for it. For more than two decades international recognized products have played a key role in Romanian pop culture. Consumers that afford buy the original, the ones that cannot - the knock-offs. Regardless, they all feel a sense of power and social uprising by wearing, eating and using brand name products. In all the cases, the new brand-opened market (since 1989) started to kill slowly local values and products.
“Brand-Driven Nation” body of work is a verdict upon a social trend that pushes national values to shadow. Mixing logos and public figures in an ironical, cynical way, this new paintings unveil the disastrous result of core traditional pop art of the 70’s and the 80’s. Early pop artist influenced society presenting iconic products and personality in an ideal set up_ that everything is to be consumed. “Brand-Driven Nation” is not an anti-consumatorism statement but a result of what in particular pop art did to society being an Avant post to globalization. Now, people want labels because it is commonly accepted that these offer higher social position, better lifestyle and an upscale identity. Local cigarettes, detergents, designer labels, heroes and products have all slowly faded out taking down a whole world with them. A global distributed market even created global distributed art alongside with the fascination for names.
We witness the peak of brand expansion! Soon we will realize that, in order to survive, will have to return to local values and products not only to generate economic growth but to preserve national value and identity, international brand visibility will slowly downgrade on our market.
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