miercuri, 8 februarie 2012

They are all crooked but some feel the guilt !

”If you read the political pages of the New York Times, David H. Koch is an extreme right-wing oil billionaire who gives millions of dollars to so-called “super PACs” to elect conservative candidates who oppose women's rights, support the poor, gay marriage and everything else essential to an evolving democracy.
If you read the arts pages of the New York Times, specifically today's article on the Metropolitan Museum's proposed renovation of its plaza entrance, written by that eternal poodle of the upper classes Carol Vogel, David H. Koch is "trained as a chemical engineer" and "a philanthropist" donating $60 million to advance the renovation project.” (source: artnet.com)
With all the respect to the reader, as I am trying hard to operate on the Romania Contemporary Art Market ( if there is one), what a fuck is wrong with the Romanian Billionaires that headlined the glossy magazines for almost a decade? It is commonly accepted that most eastern-European billionaires had made their fortune on shady governmental deals somehow ruining the national wealth but still aren’t they able to set aside just a fraction and do something good for the national heritage, art scene, or whatever. So, with sugar on top, Mr. Patriciu, Voiculescu, Vantu, Cocos, and the rest of the Fortune 500, you all are peasants!

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