joi, 17 noiembrie 2011

"Unconventional Art Design and Fashion Fair in Bucharest Focussing on Pop Art

“Dressing Room Shopping Party” (DRSP) is an innovative form of organizing an art design and fashion fair. The standards of the art are very high due to the fact that this particular fair gathers very sophisticated, well educated viewers. DRSP is focused on sales but also brings to the table innovative artists and art reps that test markets for their products. This edition displays few local Pop Artists (Colo Nelu, Eugene Al Pann) as well as the art merchandiser
Artxpert discounts limited edition serigraphs of Brancusi and Marilynn Monroe and few other pop art limited edition works. (prices range 30 to 100 Ron / 10 – 32 USD).
Also on display David Sandu Jewelry with his minimal architectural art and hand painted china by Wagner.
DRSP is a one day event closing with three hours of live music.
November 26th 2011 from 12 – 24
Bucharest,82 Popa Nan Street

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