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President Basescu - The Newest Political Figure under Paint since Fall of Communism

Socialist- Capiatlist Realism as a pop art deviation picks up on artists concerned about the direction society goes. Reflecting political personalities, moments and actions this new form of socio-artistic dialog focuses on issues that concerns everyone.
Colo Nelu, a young Romanian artist, portrays President Basescu as Zeus ( acrilyc,bronze/canvas, 70 x 100 cm, 2011 ). Former Commercial Captain, Traian Basescu’s  portrait targets his background as well as his attitude as president.
Traian Basescu is recently seen as a pop figure. No Romanian president influenced the artists as much as Basescu does since the fall of communism. Former president Nicolae Ceausescu had artwork commission through the Union of Artist during his presidency but it is wildly known that most dictators proceeded so.
“ Shame on You, Dinu Patriciu” points to a certain historical moment ( The President shows emotions and vulnerability in front of his opposant wrongful media pressure ) and is portrait crying.( Eugene Al Pann, acrylic on canvas, 150 x 50 cm, 2011)

Recently a 13 year old kid decides to go pop and… starts his artistic adventure with a portrait of Basescu.( charcoal on paper, 41 x 29 cm, 2011 )

Regardless the political attitude such a strong  influence of a public figure should not be taken
more than a reflection of the actions.

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