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ArtXpert Romania - Annual Report

      We are getting ready to start 2015. (For those who does not know , in terms of gallery business, the year starts in March, if you are active on any European market). Before we start the new art business year  let us take a look at the year before:

     First… a big thank you to our customers to witch we  are always  loyal and thankful. 2014 it was one of the best years. Because most of our customers are private we cannot name them,  but we can name our sponsors that understood the direction the gallery is following and the support we need in order to help emerging artists: a big thank you to Coca-Cola, Butan Gas, Piraeus, Heberger, Funk International and our friends and constant supporters at VO Patrimony.  
    2014 certanly was a unique year.
   We were the artisans behind street closure in Putul lui Zamfir St for the festival and we created a great partnership with Romanian Academy  and The Minister of Culture in order to support The Balkan Expressionism Manifesto and its artists.

    In December we re-opened our gallery in Los Angeles, California .
   In terms of sales we grew like no other year before.
 We are a significant contributor to the Romanian fiscal authority ( because 100% of our business is legal, all sales are recorded) and a revenue generator to the artist in our portfolio.

   ArtXpert  positively impacted local vendors . Our frame, printing and logistic suppliers grew up with us.

  We kept artists and real investors happy as we all benefited from the credibility ArtXpert built on the market.

   We started 2014 with sales of Paul Hitter at wholesale value of 400 euro and closed the year with top 5000. We doubled the estimated number of artwork to be sold in the first year.

We started year 2014 with Matei Serban at average 1200 euro and closed with top 7500 euro on Romanian market and an certified international appraisal of $40,000 for his major works.

We gave 25 % growth to Dragos Raicu and Cornel Lazia  which is a great two digits figure considering the international rate.

For all these above reasons, we  thank you all. 

2015 is the year we incorporated under the law of the State of Nevada_ ArtXpert Investment Group LLC  had launched . This is an important step for us, a duty to our dedicated customers, to our investors and to the artist that participate actively under the ArtXpert umbrella.  Official public figures will be posted after the first quarter.  

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