joi, 15 ianuarie 2015

A Day Without Art

Imagine your life without art just for one day. Waking up in the morning without music on radio, opening up a coffee box without label, looking out the window and watching plain color painted buildings, driving a boxed shape car.
Well, we all agreed that this society moved forward because of artists. From ancient temples to modern buildings, from scratches on cave walls to the beautiful painting in your living room, from plain flute sounds to complicated symphonies, all came to life because of artist. And we all enjoy, we love our everyday life being improved by anonymous artists, designer and architects. Also we love to show that we do know the name of the most famous ones. It makes us look good in front of others.
So, if what stated above is true and fair, why the hell you people do not buy that CD with music that you say you love, that painting that you brag on Facebook about it, that independent movie you claim it changed your vision about life?
Why you people are so fake and self-centered? Why you people do not give a chance to artists you claim you love so they can survive and create more beautiful art?

How the hell do you expect them to be able to crate if the fridge is empty, if no gas is in the car, if no paints, or musical instruments or cameras, or ink or paper are available? You are more likely able to spend 350 on a pair of jeans on Melrose Ave, or 2500 on a stupid leather jacket than buying a painting from an emerging artist. So let me tell you that without these artists your life will look like shit and this is going to happen very soon. Take your eyes away from the art and artists that are served to you by the mainstream media! They are as fake and corrupted as their proprietors. Don’t let the eye fool your mind! Please have some decency and instead of asking the artist to do a selfie with you at an art opening buy some art from him. Your stupid selfie will not put food on his table and not pull you out your anonymous life, but collecting that piece of art makes you part of that artist’s biography. 

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