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Johan Wahlstrom - "House Of Lies" at HoftKabinet Gallery in Linz

Johan Wahlstrom  a Swedis born artist that lived in Spain is the 5th generation of artist. Most of his work can be seen in Austria.“I paint to keep myself insane. I paint anxiety to be calm. I paint war to have peace. I paint sadness to be happy. I paint the dark to be in the light. I paint death to be alive. I paint a story so that I don’t have to tell a story. “ His inspiration comes from  Jean Dubuffet, Paul Klee or Jean‐Michel Basquiat. Nothing fancy or literary elaborated, because this artist is from that category of artists that burn emotions while painting, so there is nothing left to be manipulated in words. I found his work over the internet and it really intrigued me because it pushed my feelings to the Balkan Expressionism , somehow.
 Johan Wahlstrom, represented by Van Der Plas Gallery (NY) will travel to Linz/Austria to open the exhibition "House Of Lies" together with the Austrian artist Herbert Schager at Galerie Hofkabinet
Opening: Thursday September 4th, 19.00/7.00pm
Exhibition runs until September 26th.
“Johan Wahlstrom is spontaneously, emotionally and a story teller” Dr.phil. Maria‐Ilona Schellenberg  Kunstpublizistin & Dozentin, Düsseldorf 2009

 ʺWe are drawn into a reality of the mind playing with known and unknown images; cultural and

spiritual continuity with disturbing distortions.ʺ Don Noyes‐More, Editor, Downton La Life

Magazine, Los Angeles, 2009

 “In their simplicity they have a primal feel to them,” “He brings the viewers’ attention to the environment and how human destruction of Mother Earth at this speed will leave nothing for future generations,” Sara Abrahim, Art Raw Gallery, New York, 2009

 “Wahlstrom invite us to enter into his world of reflections of life, with a touch od German expressionism, leading to a contemporary context that leaves a recurring message about modernity and the roles that each and one of us play within the social aspect of humanity”  Will Yaya, Crisolart Gallery, Barcelona, July 2011

 ʺThe work of Johan Wahlstrom delves deeply into the realm of human emotion and speaks directly and powerfully to our feelings and emotions. His work that has been displayed throughout the world omes to New York City at a most auspicious time. During this week of great upheaval, few artists can express the raw emotion of loss, turmoil and redemption as lyrically as Johan Wahlstrom” StephenAndrus, New York, November 2012

“It’s Boring to Die – Johan Wahlstrom evokes through his paintings, one should appreciate all emotion, because dying is certainly boring. As I walked through the show once again, the work of Johan Wahlstrom’s faces and strategically placed hands became familiar old friends. Some figures were floating, as in Chagall’s work and some, reminded me of Munch’s The Scream. The blues and explosions of red become meshed into a field of emotions that on closer inspection tells a myriad of different stories, like the art goers at the reception. Conversations were revealed and reveled in.” Olga Turchini, New York, September 2013

  House Of Lies Part 2 by Johan Wahlstrom 100x100cm

Private Prison by Johan Wahlstrom 200x120cm

Selected Solo and Duo Exhibitions
Gallery Ronnqvist&Ronnqvist, Malmo, Sweden, 2014

Gallery Hofkabinett, Linz, Austria, 2014 (with Herbert Schager)

Van Der Plas Gallery, (New York, NY) 2013

SO Stockholm Gallery, (Stockholm, Sweden) 2013

Espacio Tres Gallery, Malaga, Spain) 2013

Gallery New World Stages (New York, NY) 2013

Liebe Glaube Hoffnung (Bonn, Germany) 2013

Gallery Colorida (Lisbon, Portugal) 2012

Gallery Miva, (Malmoe, Sweden) 2012

Temporary Gallery (Berlin, Germany) 2012

Alamos 38 (Malaga, Spain), 2012

Crisolart Gallery  (New York, NY), 2012

Galerie Quint‐Essences (Neuchatel, Switzerland), 2011

Crisolart Gallery (Barcelona, Spain) 2011

Galeria Henarte (Malaga, Spain) 2011

Gallery Kocks (Stockholm, Sweden) 2011

Henarte Gallery (Malaga, Spain) 2010

Gallery 21 (Stockholm, Sweden) 2010

Le Petit Atelier (LLeida, Spain) 2010

Strandgalleriet (Stockholm, Sweden) 2009

Gallery Espacio Tres, (Malaga, Spain), 2009

Infusion Gallery (Los Angeles, CA) 2008

Gallery Raco 98 (Majorca, Spain) 2008

Gallery Espacio Tres (Malaga, Spain) 2008

Gallery Studio 14 (Stockholm, Sweden) 2007

Crisolart Gallery (Barcelona, Spain) 2007 (with Niels Jensen)

Gallery Raco 98, (Soller/Majorca, Spain) 2007 (with Niels Jensen)

Gallery Espacio Tres (Malaga, Spain) 2007 (with Niels Jensen)

Gallery Club Del Mar (Puerto Banus, Spain) 2007 (with Natalia Koreshkova‐Pietch)

Alternative Art Space (Boston, MA) 2009, (with Fernando De Oliviera)

Gallery Patrice Vuillard (Berlin, Germany) 2009 ( with Ghass Rouzkhos)

Gallery Studio 14 (Stockholm, Sweden) 2006

Upcoming Solo exhibitions 2014‐2015

Cape Town/South Africa, Moscow/Russia, New York/USA, Venice/Italy, Rome/Italy,

Stockholm/Sweden, Kotor/Montegro

Selected Group Exhibitions

West Bank Gallery Nottinghill, (London, UK), 2014

Van Der Plas Gallery, (New York, USA), 2014

Fridge Art Fair (New York, USA) 2014

EX, Musem Exhibition, Malaga/Spain 2014

Human Rights, Museum exhibition, (Rovereto/Italy) 2014

Art Of Angel, Candid Arts Trust Gallery, (London, UK) 2013

Gallery Different “Faces”, (London, UK) 2013

Immigrants/Human Rights, Museum exhibition, (Rovereto/Italy) 2013

Fridge Art Fair (New York & Miami, USA) 2013

Seven Deadly Sins “Lust”, Monastery Francescani  Museum  (Lecce/Italy) 2013 Garage Milano (Milan,

Italy) 2013

Candid Arts Trust Gallery,  (London, UK) 2013

Museu D`Historia (Girona, Spain) 2013

Multiverso (Fiorentina, Italy) 2013

Gallery EAGL (Berlin, Germany) 2013

Conde Rodrigo (Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain) 2013

Gallery New World Stages (New York, NY) 2013

Gallery Different, (London,UK) 2012

Chianciano Art Museum (Chianciano, Italy) 2010

 “ The Peace Project” (Touring exhibition, 2010 

Gallery 9 (Culver City, CA), 2010

Meridian Gallery (San Francisco, CA) 2010

Gallery Max Lang (New York, NY) 2010

Arte Marbella festival  (Marbella, Spain) 2009

Opera Gallery (Budapest, Hungary) 2009

Art Raw Gallery (New York, NY) 2009

Gallery 212 (Costa Mesa, CA, USA) 2009

Pillars of Art (Berlin,Germany) 2009

Liberal Democrats Party Congress Hall, “ 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Peace, Love,

Liberte” (Berlin, Germany) 2009

Gallery Henarte, “Death Penalty Installation” (Malaga, Spain) 2009

DeArte Art Fair (Madrid, Spain) 2008

Opera Gallery (Budapest, Hungary) 2008

Puro International Art Fair (Vigo, Spain) 2007

Sweden in Spain at Torremolinos Convention Center, Spain, 2006

Galleri Gummeson (Stockholm, Sweden) 2006

Caledan Gallery (Boston,MA) 2006

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