marți, 27 mai 2014

Freedom of Artistic Expression Turned MUTE in Bucharest

I want to make a point to the fact that artists should be able to express themselves to the best of their abilities on available venues.  Not all artist can fit in galleries or concert venues. Some don’t even want to.  A good deal of artist prefer to showcase art on public venues. Some are fabulous : look at Banky or Shepard Fairey. Musicians in Chicago performing on city streets are also world class. Why do this people need a permit to do so? Most of them do not even make a living out of it! They do not harm anyone and as a matter of fact bring color and joy to the communities.

A very strange thing happened in Bucharest, Romania, over this weekend. Some young samba artists performing in a public park, ware brutally dispersed by police on horses for performing music to a +200 crowd.  Please, watch the video and react by sharing it to the world so the international community can see how the City of Bucharest understands the freedom of expression through art.

Please take note that we are bragging about it on our Balkan Expressionism Manifesto makeing a point about freedom of expression:
(please share this so artists worlwide can react to a problem that happens everywhere)


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