duminică, 19 februarie 2012

I Love Brancusi

"Across Europe's borders, the Romanian cultural space is only represented by Brancusi" - Eugene Al Pann ( 12/19/2010 "The Herald")
This is No Hollywood - 4 x 4 ft (cca 120 x 120 cm), 2010, ulei/panza, colectie particulara Los Angeles

“As pubs are more crowded than galleries, as beer is more consumed that art, as Brancusi is less known than mass products, I offer you both in this limited edition of 10 mixed media serigraphs. So, every time you pop a beer please remember that’s something higher than alcohol! This body of work is printed on arches paper, 300 gr, enamel paint, serigraphic paint and oil stick. “ on display at ArtXpert Gallery & Selari Sapte

"Brancusi" - hand made multiple, edition of 4, 2012, 27 x 37 cm

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