miercuri, 18 ianuarie 2012

Vasile Grigore -1982 Litho Book, the First Romanian PopArt Limited Edition

RIP Vasile Grigore(d. 21st of Feb. 2012)
Vasile Grigore e is one of the genuine Romanian pop artists. His bright colors, composition and most important his attitude qualify him as one of the few.
Even the way he was taking care of business brings him closer to the American pop art of the 80’s. Beside his works on canvas, watercolors and studio sketches, Grigore’s limited edition litho book is a historical one. A 500 copy, 12 plates book (first 50 are hand signed) self published in 1982 was a risky business adventure in communist Romania. Vasile Grigore (1935) is the only postmodern Romanian artist that took the chance to self publish and distribute his prints. In the era, any printed material was subject to censorship and virtually banned to be published. This book (see slides) is printed on various type of paper (50 x 70 cm) and is a referal point in Romanian printmakeing history.

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