luni, 12 decembrie 2011


December 12, 2011 in Bucharest Romania Adrian Oianu took fashion, his fashion, to a new dimension. Profoundly inspired by Romanian traditional design, ancestrally reflected throut carpets and hand made patterns, Adrian Oianu brings to the cat walk the latest printing technology, magnified details and cutting edge design.
Pointing to his Romanian heritage he grandiosely mixes in his statement-show ethnic music by Grigore Lese, scents of wild herbs and fine silk.
His dresses are paintings! Yes Adrian Oianu got to a new dimension. He is not a fashion designer anymore, he is a painter! His canvas is the dress and he masters the volume.
On a pop culture layer of Romanian iconic elements, Adrian Oianu carves contemporary shapes and explores precise sharp colors and textures of fine fabrics_ this is the essence of an Oianu Dress today!
His show sets up so high the level of design that should worry designers worldwide.
On a more humanistic touch, he brings information and steps up educating young crowd of fashionistas about ethnology, Romanian folklore, art music and literature in a complex fashion presentation.
Please follow him on his site as images will be soon posted.

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