vineri, 23 decembrie 2011

22 Years after the Romanian Revolution Artists Still Obssesed vvith the Killings

Post-totalitarian pop art is as a response to Andy Warhol iconic figures. Romanian culture and landmarks deserve a more relaxed approache in order to accept , believe and assume its past, so a new patriotic spirit will arise. I do not point to the aestetics as much as the message, that the Romanian people needs to be more proud of its own iconic images so no identity to be lost.
Most of the recent events in Romanian history are violent and shamefull. Generaly people step back when artwork portraing these events is displayed. I do not intend to be controversial but to point to the people that this should not happen again. Recently, a group of Romanian artist got the civic sense and placed a monument of "Trosca", a former Romanian officer in an Anti-KGB unit deconspired and brutally murderred during Romania Revolution.
"Trosca" - anonim
"Craciun 89 Christmas 89" oil/vvood, 50 x 100 cm
" Decebal" assasinated in 106 A.D. 50 x 50 cm, oil/vvood
"Antonescu" - executed on June 1st, 1946, 100 x 50 cm, oil/vvood
"King Michael the Brave" be-headed by the Hungarians on august 1601

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