joi, 10 noiembrie 2011

Socialist-Capitalist Realism

"Socialist-Capitalist Realism is a new concept derivated from  Pop Art that reflects the realism of the global society we live in. One one hand ther is an undecided capitalist movement that has a left wing tendency and a hard core capitalist movement that originated in the former communist countries. This annomaly reflects in the way society acts today." Eugene Al Pann
 " Mao Showing people How"
"Tide - Cleans the Darkests Spots in History"

" Holcim - The same Ciment That Buld The second Largest Building in the World"

"GE - We still have Prometeus"

"Pro TV , The Star Factory"

" Any Politician Needs a Good Mouth Cleaning"

"Dacia - Good Then, Good Now"

"Occupy Wall St! - Lenin's Dream"

"i phone Generation, the New Proletarian"

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