miercuri, 24 august 2011

A Better Judgement - a Better Exit

Andre Emmerich, gallery owner of The Andre Emmerich Gallery which had branches in SoHo and Zurich, twice president of The Art Dealers Association of America in his book “My Life With Art”:
…A memorable example I recall was the bathroom which Robert Motherwell and Helen Frankenthaler installed in their brick townhouse on
East 94th Street
in the late 1950s. To cover its cost they asked me to sell for them a Pollok work on paper. I was able to sell at a substantial price, but seen with the perspective of present-day prices, the sale of the Pollock resulted in what is probably the most expensive bathroom on the Upper East Side”.

In other words if it happened to buy contemporary art, hold on to it for a while. Romanian contemporary art is still a bargain for Romanians as well. On the run to make a splash, Romanian contemporary art it is to hold on it for a little more. Return on investment is not a question anymore since prices jumped from hundreds to few thousand per piece if you acquired wisely in the last five years. Few pieces will make it higher if there is substance in the artist and its art equally. When buying, refer to the art itself not only to the name that is signing it. On the international market, yet to open to Romania,
local names do not mean much, but images will make a difference.
(Eugene Al Pann, 9 Reflections of Ceausescu- oil/canvas, 2010)

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