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Bush isi arata talentele artistice la Jay Leno!

Poate ca e mai bun pictor decat presedinte!

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Former President George W. Bush showed off his painting and his granddaughter and poked fun of his post-White House years on the "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno on Tuesday.
The 43rd president said that he was inspired to take up painting after reading a Winston Churchill essay. When he hired an instructor for weekly lessons, he said he told her "There's a Rembrandt trapped in this body. Your job is to find it."
Bush shared paintings of his dog Barney and a stray cat that he adopted and named Bob ("so I can remember how to spell it when I got older") and said painting has changed his life. He presented Leno with a portrait of the comedian, prompting Leno to say: "I can't make fun of him now."
When asked what caused a blocked artery that led to his hospitalization in August, the 67-year-old Bush joked that it was because he "didn't behave that well when I was younger and I might have smoked some."
Bush has kept a mostly low profile since exiting office in early 2009 while the country was in two wars and struggling with an economic crisis.
"It's hard for some to believe, but I think eight years in the spotlight's enough," he said.
Former First Lady Laura Bush also appeared on Leno's couch to discuss the couple's charitable causes. They also showed the strand of pearls Bush gave her for their 36th wedding anniversary and a video clip of their first grandchild, nicknamed Mila.

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The Intricate One Dollar Bill Collages of Mark Wagner


by Danny OldaPosted
From book making and writing to drawing and assemblage, Mark Wagner has certainly diversified his talents. It is his collage work, however, that Wagner is especially known for. For these intricate collage pieces, Wagner generally works with one dollar bills. He seems to look at the fundamental nature of collage by using the currency. Rarely does a single material carry so much subtext and implicit meaning. In his statement, Wagner says about using the bills, “The one dollar bill is the most ubiquitous piece of paper in America. Collage asks the question: what might be done to make it something else? It is a ripe material: intaglio printed on sturdy linen stock, covered in decorative filigree, and steeped in symbolism and concept.”
by Danny OldaPosted on High Fructose Magazine

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Lady Gaga's Logo Designed by Jeff Koons

Image Credit: USA Today
Lady Gaga is lending some of her artistic eye and star power to USA Today‘s pages in advance of the singer’s new album, ARTPOP.
USA Today says a logo featuring an image of a statue of the pop provocateur will appear in Monday’s editions of the newspaper’s LIFE section.
The newspaper says Lady Gaga is the first guest contributor to design a logo for the newspaper.
The logo was designed in collaboration with the performer and artist Jeff Koons, who designed Lady Gaga’s cover art for ARTPOP, due out Tuesday. The album is Lady Gaga’s third.

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ListaTargurilor de Bijuterie din US Decembrie - Iunie

Ne-am gandit sa dam o mana de ajutor designerilor de bijuterie autohtoni! Daca doriti sa participati! E competitie dar cei buni reusesc! Good Luck!  


International Gem & Jewelry Show, Inc.

Beginning its journey in the year 1967, the International Gem & Jewelry Show, Inc, also known as Intergem was created by Mr. Herbert A Duke, Sr. as the first event of its kind. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, the General Manager of this highly reputed company is Claudia Clemente. The largest in its category, Intergem boasts of organizing more than 100 shows annually in more than 90 venues all over the country and a remarkable visitors portfolio of over a million customers. Backed by its customer centric values and a dynamic team of experts and professionals, this company has the expertise and experience that goes into making each and every show a super success right from the start. This USA based company prides itself on presenting the best and the largest collection of quality jewelry and gem stones in its shows.


The International Gem & Jewelry Show Denver
Start Date: 15-NOV-13 End Date: 17-NOV-13
Venue: Denver Merchandise Mart, Denver, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show Denver is one of the most popular jewelry and gemstones sector trade shows in America. The show facilitates smooth interaction among distinguished professional...”
International Gem & Jewelry Show - Columbus
Start Date: 15-NOV-13 End Date: 17-NOV-13
Venue: Veterans Memorial [North Hall], Columbus, United States Of America
“International Gem & Jewelry Show - Columbus is one of the leading jewelry and gemstones sector trade shows in the United States. The event is attended by several knowledgeable corporate professionals ...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show - Scottsdale
Start Date: 22-NOV-13 End Date: 24-NOV-13
Venue: Scottsdale - West World, Scottsdale, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show - Scottsdale is the premier exhibition for Gem and Jewelry in United States of America. The show will showcase all the latest Jewelries- Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, ...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show - National Harbor
Start Date: 22-NOV-13 End Date: 24-NOV-13
Venue: Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, Washington, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show - National Harbor will features all type of gems and jewelry. This is the place where visitor can see and choose from amazing collection of gems, jewelry and...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show Southfield
Start Date: 29-NOV-13 End Date: 01-DEC-13
Venue: Southfield Municipal Complex Pavilion, Southfield, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show Southfield is a can't miss Gem and Jewelry event for the Women from Southfield and other places. This wonderful exhibition is being organized by International Gem ...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show San Mateo
Start Date: 29-NOV-13 End Date: 01-DEC-13
Venue: San Mateo County Event Center, San mateo, United States Of America
“The International Gem and Jewelry Show is an event that will aim to showcase diverse range of gems, minerals and jewelry items from across the world. This event will be a perfect place to...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show White Plains
Start Date: 06-DEC-13 End Date: 08-DEC-13
Venue: Westchester County Center, White Plains, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show White Plains is the premier, one of the largest and most popular exhibition of Gem and Jewelry in New York. The show will showcase Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Gold, ...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show Pasadena
Start Date: 06-DEC-13 End Date: 08-DEC-13
Venue: Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show Pasadena is one of the premier jewelry and gemstones sector trade shows in America. The event helps in bringing together a large contingent of knowledgeable...”
International Gem & Jewelry Show - Chicago
Start Date: 13-DEC-13 End Date: 15-DEC-13
Venue: Donald Stephens Convention Center, Chicago, United States Of America
“International Gem & Jewelry Show - Chicago is one of the prestigious jewelry fair which is scheduled to be held at Chicago. This show showcases a wide range of loose gems and finished branded...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show Chantilly
Start Date: 20-DEC-13 End Date: 22-DEC-13
Venue: Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, United States Of America
“International Gem and Jewelry Show Chantilly occupies the pride of place of being one of the most happening jewelry sector trade fairs in America. The Gem and Jewelry Show Chantilly...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show Ft. Lauderdale
Start Date: 27-DEC-13 End Date: 29-DEC-13
Venue: War Memorial Auditorium, Ft. Lauderdale, United States Of America
“The International Gem and Jewelry Show FT.Lauderdale is an event which hosts some of the finest jewelry brands of the country showcasing superior quality gems and unique designs in various...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show Houston
Start Date: 17-JAN-14 End Date: 19-JAN-14
Venue: Houston Reliant Park Center, Houston, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show Houston is known to be the ultimate platform for the jewelry industries where the exhibitors get to explore their business strategies. The exhibitors come face to ...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show Seattle
Start Date: 07-MAR-14 End Date: 09-MAR-14
Venue: Seattle Center, Seattle, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show Seattle is one of the finest jewelry and gemstones sector trade shows in the United States. Organized at Seattle Center, the Seattle Gem Show show...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show Collinsville
Start Date: 21-MAR-14 End Date: 23-MAR-14
Venue: Gateway Center, Collinsville, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show Collinsville is one of the largest and well known exhibitions in United States of America. The exhibition provides its exhibitors an unique platform to display...”
International Gem & Jewelry Show Los Angeles
Start Date: 11-APR-14 End Date: 13-APR-14
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, United States Of America
“International Gem & Jewelry Show Los Angeles is a major jewelry and beads show that will take place for a time period of three days and the venue is in Los Angeles, CA. This event is for all the...”
International Gem & Jewelry Show - Dallas
Start Date: 23-MAY-14 End Date: 25-MAY-14
Venue: Dallas Market Hall (Dallas Market Center), Dallas, United States Of America
“International Gem & Jewelry Show - Dallas dedicates itself in bringing together the leading jewelry designing and manufacturing companies who will exhibit attractive collection of loose gems and...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show St. Paul
Start Date: 30-MAY-14 End Date: 01-JUN-14
Venue: Minnesota State Fairground, Minnesota city, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show St. Paul is the leading international trade fair for the Gem and Jewelry Industry. This show will showcase Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Antique...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show Novi
Start Date: 06-JUN-14 End Date: 08-JUN-14
Venue: Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show Novi is one of the most happening American trade shows, dedicated exclusively to the jewelry and gemstones industry. The event, which is hosted at the Suburban...”
The International Gem & Jewelry Show Timonium
Start Date: 27-JUN-14 End Date: 30-JUN-14
Venue: Maryland State Fair Grounds, Timonium, United States Of America
“The International Gem & Jewelry Show Timonium is one of the largest and international exhibitions for Gem and Jewelry in USA. The show will showcase Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Antique...”

Starving art school graduates! Think twice before you make this presumption!

Think that art school dooms graduates to a life of unemployment? The numbers paint a very different picture.

"Artists can have good careers, earning a middle-class income," says Anthony Carnevale, director of Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce. "And, just as important and maybe more, artists tend to be happy with their choices and lives."

Not Exactly Starving

A 2011 report from the center found that the unemployment rate in the first two years for those graduating with bachelor of fine arts degree is 7.8%, dropping to 4.5% for those out of school longer. The median income is $42,000.

"Artists' income is comparable to other liberal-arts majors," he says. "They do a little better than psychology majors, since counseling and social work is a very low-wage occupation."

For artists who go on to graduate degrees, the most common of which is the master's of fine arts, the unemployment rate for recent graduates drops to just under 5%, and their median yearly income increases to roughly $50,000.

Other studies have also found relatively high levels of employment and satisfaction. The Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy at Vanderbilt University conducted a survey of 13,000 graduates of visual and performing college-arts programs between 1990 and 2009; 2,817 were in the fine arts.

Among the findings: Almost 83% worked the majority of their time in some arts occupation, such as art teaching or in a nonprofit arts organization.

"Arts graduates are resilient and resourceful," says Curb Center Associate Director Steven J. Tepper. Sixty percent of the fine-arts graduates in the survey work more than one job, he says, "but they are happy with what they put together."

A Rosy Picture

Bruno S. Frey, research director of the Center for Research in Economics, Management and the Arts at the University of Zurich, echoes that finding.

He says he has done "happiness research for some time" and found that "artists generally are happier than the rest of the population."

Of all arts professions, fine artists, writers and composers were found to be the happiest, because "the profession they have chosen gives them autonomy, and that makes them happy," he says. "Actors and musicians, on the other hand, are less happy, because they are disciplined by various rules and have less autonomy."

Mr. Grant is a writer in Amherst, Mass.

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We present to you the exclusive Pierres de Caractere Variations collection from VAN CLEEF & ARPELS…

Van Cleef Arpels Pierres de Caractère Oriental Princess necklace1 100
‘Oriental Princess’ Necklace
Pure expression of luxury and exclusive form of art, or, the latest collection from Van Cleef & Arpels, called Pierres de Caractere Variations, will seduce you with its attractive shades, bright color combinations and amazing gems. The collection consists of several rings, earrings and necklaces, decorated with sparkling gems carefully selected. Each piece of jewelry is made with lot of attention and tells its own unique story.
van cleef and arpels pierres de caractere variations lotus d orient ring 100
‘Lotus d’Orient’ ring featuring a 24.44ct Mozambique tourmaline

Van Cleef Arpels Pierres de Caractère Fleur de Lapis Lazuli clip1  100
‘Fleur de Lapis Lazuli’ brooch
van cleef and arpels pierres de caractere variations precious light earrings 100
‘Precious Light’ earrings featuring two 4.52ct yellow diamonds
Van Cleef Arpels Pierres de Caractère Rayons Précieux necklace1 100
‘Rayons Précieux’ Necklace

van cleef and arpels pierres de caractere variations summer cocktail ring 100

Summer Cocktail’ ring featuring a 21.19ct spinel
Van Cleef Arpels Pierres de Caractère Newet bracelet1 100
Bracelet in white gold, with diamonds, turquoise, onyx, green tourmalines and two Madagascan sapphires of 2.83ct and 4.26ct
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Franz Nopcsa, the Man That Found the Little Dinosaurs in Hateg and His Ruined Castel

Baron Franz Nopcsa von Felső-Szilvás (also Baron Nopcsa von Felső-Szilvás, Baron Nopcsa, Ferenc Nopcsa, Nopcsa Ferenc, Baron Franz Nopcsa, and Franz Baron Nopcsa) (May 3, 1877 – April 25, 1933) was a Hungarian-born aristocrat, adventurer, scholar, and paleontologist. He is widely regarded as one of the founders of paleobiology and Albanian studies.



Nopcsa was born to a long line of Hungarian aristocrats in 1877 in Transylvania, which at that time was a part of Austria-Hungary. In 1895 Nopcsa's younger sister Ilona discovered dinosaur bones at the family estate in Săcel, Transylvania. This led to Nopcsa's enrollment at the University of Vienna to study the fossilized bones. He advanced quickly in his studies; he gave his first academic lecture at the age of twenty-two.
In addition to Mesozoic reptiles, Nopcsa's interests included nationhood for Albania, then a mere province of the Turkish-Balkan Ottoman Empire, but aspiring to independence. He was one of the few outsiders who ventured into the mountainous areas in the north of Albania. He soon learned the Albanian dialects and customs.
Eventually, he had good relations with the leaders of the nationalist Albanian resistance against the Turks who occupied the region. Nopcsa gave passionate speeches and smuggled in weapons. In 1912 the Balkan states joined forces to drive out the Turks. This was successful, but the newly liberated states were immediately plunged into internal conflicts. However, out of these conflicts, Albania arose as an independent state. At an international conference aiming to clarify the status of Albania, Nopcsa was at first a contender for the throne of that country.
Nopcsa Ferenc in shqiptar warrior costume, cca 1913
Later, during the First World War, Nopcsa was a spy for Austria-Hungary. He also led a group of Albanian wartime volunteers. However, with the defeat of Austria-Hungary at the end of the war, Nopcsa's native Transylvania was ceded to Romania. As a consequence, the Baron of Felső-Szilvás lost his estates and other possessions. Compelled to find paid employment, he landed a job as the head of the Hungarian Geological Institute.
But Nopcsa's tenure in the Geological Institute was short-lived. He moved to Vienna with his long-standing Albanian lover and secretary Bayazid Doda (a.k.a. Bajazid Elmas Doda) to study fossils. Yet there he ran into financial difficulties and was distracted in his work. To cover his debts, he sold his fossil collection to the Natural History Museum in London. Soon Nopcsa became depressed. Finally, in 1933, he fatally shot first his lover and then himself.
Nopcsa left behind a considerable quantity of scientific publications and private diaries. The diaries paint a picture of a complex man with great intuition, but without the ability to understand the motives of others. His devotion to the cause of the Albanians was in contrast to his sociopathic insensitivity. In his diaries he nonchalantly wrote about his bid to become king of Albania:
Once a reigning European monarch, I would have no difficulty coming up with the further funds needed by marrying a wealthy American heiress aspiring to royalty, a step which under other circumstances I would have been loath to take.

Contributions to paleobiology and geology

Historical Polacanthus foxii skeletal restoration by Franz Nopcsa
Nopcsa's main contribution to paleontology – and hence "paleobiology" – was that he was one of the first researchers who tried to "put flesh onto bones." At a time when paleontologists were mainly interested in assembling bones, he tried to deduce the physiology and living behavior of the dinosaurs he was studying. Nopcsa was the first to suggest that these archosaurs cared for their young and exhibited complex social behavior.
Another of Nopcsa's theories that was ahead of its time was that birds evolved from ground-dwelling dinosaurs, which developed feathers to run faster. This theory found favor in the 1960s and later gained wide acceptance, though later fossil finds of tree-living feathered dinosaurs suggest the development of flight may have been more complex than Nopcsa envisioned. Additionally, Nopcsa's conclusion that at least some Mesozoic era reptiles were warm-blooded is now shared by much of the scientific community.
Vertebra of Nopcsaspondylus, a sauropod dinosaur named after the baron in 2007. Other extinct animals named after him include Elopteryx nopcsai, Tethysaurus nopcsai, Hyposaurus nopcsai, and Mesophis nopcsai
Nopcsa studied Transylvanian dinosaurs intensively, even though they were smaller than their "cousins" elsewhere in the world. For example, he unearthed six-meter-long sauropods, a group of dinosaurs which elsewhere commonly grew to 30 meters or more, which he named Magyarosaurus. Nopcsa deduced that the area where the remains were found was an island (now called Haţeg or Hatzeg basin in Romania) during the Mesozoic era. He theorized that "limited resources" found on islands commonly have an effect of "reducing the size of animals" over the generations, producing a localized form of dwarfism. Nopcsa's theory of insular dwarfism—also known as the island rule—is today widely accepted (highlighted by Gareth Dyke in "The Dinosaur Baron of Transylvania" In Scientific American, October 2011, pp. 81–83). Additional pygmy sauropods, named Europasaurus, were recently discovered in northern Germany (analyzed by P. Martin Sander in Nature, 8 June 2006).
Nopcsa also created a theory about the dinosaurs' sexual dimorphism. Among others, he thought that hadrosaurid species with the cranial crests were males and those without them were females. He paired Kritosaurus with Parasaurolophus, Prosaurolophus with Saurolophus and others. His examples were not proved to be true, but his opinion that sexual dimorphism was present among hadrosaurid dinosaurs has gained acceptance, see for example Lambeosaurus.
As a result of the above studies and publications, Nopcsa is sometimes considered to be the "father" of modern paleobiology, even though he originally termed the field as "paleophysiology."
But he was also an important geologist. Indeed, Nopcsa was one of the first scholars to study the geology of the western Balkans, particularly northern Albania.

Contribution to Albanian studies

During his lifetime Nopcsa published more than fifty scientific studies concerning Albania, covering a wide range of linguistics, folklore, ethnology, history and kanun (that is, Albanian customary law). He was the leading expert on Albania in his time.
After Nopcsa's death, several of his important manuscripts were left unpublished. He participated in the work of the Albanian Congress of Trieste, published his notes on the congress that became of particular historical interest.[1] The Albanological part of his estate ended up in the hands of Norbert Jokl, a renowned specialist in Albanian studies. At that time, Nopcsa's material consisted of thousands of pages of notes, sketches, and finished text. Subsequently, this library came into possession of Mid'hat Bey Frashëri. When Frashëri was forced to flee the country, Nopcsa's materials were confiscated by the communist regime of Enver Hoxha. Eventually, Nopcsa's manuscripts, drawings, and completed writings formed the core of the Albanological section of Albania's National Library.


And now, ladies and gents, the respect we pay to this man, today! Here is his castle at the borderline of Hateg City, in Hunedoara County!